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 Delhi Assembly Research Centre Fellowship Programme

 Notice of Offer acceptance for selected candidates to posts of Fellows, Associate Fellows and Associate Fellows-(Media)

About the Programme

» Delhi Assembly provides a unique opportunity to young minds to be part of the Delhi Assembly Research Centre (DARC).

» DARC aims to establish itself as a world class Research Centre for Legislators, Government and public spirited Citizens and Organizations.

» Meritorious Youth would be involved in crucial phases of Legislation, Committees and overall Governance.

Key Features

» Fellows / Associate Fellows will be assigned to work with the Legislators and Delhi Assembly Secretariat and in close coordination with the Departments of Delhi Government.

» They shall have a clear interest, aptitude and commitment to public service.

» A consolidated sum of ₹1,00,000 per month to Fellows and ₹60,000 per month to Associate Fellows will be provided in the form of Stipend.

Revised Timelines

Due to unavoidable circumstances, list of short-listed applicants will not be displayed on 29-Mar-2019. Tentative date of announcement of first shortlist is 07-Jun-2019.

07-Mar-2019 Application Deadline
07-Jun-2019 Announcement of First Shortlist
Check in Update link Final Interviews
31-Jul-2019 Announcement of Final List
Check in Update link Final date for selected candidates to accept offer